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Montauban: nature, history and contemporary art

The Centre d’Art Contemporain du Luxembourg Belge (CACLB), created in 2007 on the site of Mautban-Buzenol, features temporary monumental and environmental...Read more

23 Rue de Montauban 6760 Virton
Lat : 49.632507Lng : 5.592535
279 m
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Museum Henri Chapu

Drawings, small-scale models and gips models of the French sculptor Henri Chapu (1833-1891), distinguished by the prix de Rome in 1855.The artist took...Read more

Lat : 48.534822Lng : 2.635275
67 m
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Lat : 50.13826Lng : 5.14983
144 m
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House of Metallurgy and Industry

In the heart of the Longdoz district which used to be animated by industries, the House of Metallurgy creates links between the past and the present. On...Read more

7 Boulevard Raymond Poincaré 4020 Liège
Lat : 50.6309Lng : 5.57961
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Museum of Dieppe

Built of sandstone and flint in the 14th century and enjoying a strategic location 30 metres above sea level, the Château de Dieppe was originally...Read more

8 Boulevard de la Manche 76200 Dieppe
Lat : 49.924638Lng : 1.070153
37 m
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Musée départemental d'art religieux

The county museum of religious art is the house to collections of paintings, sculpture, goldsmiths, cabinet, liturgical vestments of the Middle Ages to...Read more

Lat : 48.60566Lng : 0.17194
0 m
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Soreze Abbey-School and the Dom Robert and 20th century tapestry Museum

A unique experience, a real adventure to share. "Stories truer than life""To explore the City of Sorèze is to visit the Abbey-school and the...Read more

Lat : 43.451826Lng : 2.067057
0 m
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South Sea Islands museum

Discover the South Sea Islands through various videos and exhibitions. This museum exhibits objects brought back by the first missionaries that illustrate...Read more

Lat : 45.644738Lng : 4.447575
591 m
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