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Quartier Henri IV - Place d'Armes
77300 Fontainebleau
01 60 39 60 39
Arrival in Champagne-sur-Seine

Arrival in Champagne-sur-Seine

- This route "Route des fours du Roy" will take you to the village of Champagne-sur-Seine.
- Continue to the "Quai de Seine", then follow "Rue Bernard de Villele".
- Continue on to the "Quai de la Passerelle", until the intersection with "Rue de l’Aqueduc" and the entrance to the "Espace Naturel Sensible" (open to the public, these state nature reserves are meant to protect natural landscapes, while also providing flood control).
- Upon leaving the nature park, continue straight on until the Champagne-sur-Seine bridge, then turning right to cross the bridge.
This bridge is perfectly suited to bicycle tourists.

Technical information

11 Rue des Coudreaux
77210 Samoreau
Lat : 48.41282Lng : 2.76011
45 m
4 years