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Quartier Henri IV - Place d'Armes
77300 Fontainebleau
01 60 39 60 39
Arrival in Samoreau

Arrival in Samoreau

- Pedal up Chemin de l’Abreuvoir and turn right onto "Rue de l’Eglise".

- To follow "Rue de l’Eglise", you can choose to safely bike along the track on the other side of the fence.

- Then follow "Route de Champagne", a little-used road, to "Chemin des Pressoirs du Roi".

- This tranquil country road is particularly pleasant to pedal along, affording pretty perspectives of the Seine.

Technical information

Chemin de l'Abreuvoir
77210 Samoreau
Lat : 48.42204Lng : 2.74747
44 m
4 years