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The Service Area of O Regado is located in the parish of Cabovilaño, on the AC-552, which runs through the Costa da Morte and just over 15 minutes from Caión.

Caión is a parish of the municipality of A Laracha, a typical seafaring town and only exit to the sea in the municipality.

Located on a small peninsula, home to the first port on the Costa da Morte and much of its fishing history. With a whaling past, today it is a friendly town where you will find everything you are looking for to take advantage of a break.

In addition to multiple services, you can also enjoy exquisite cuisine in different catering establishments.

Get to kmow its history and go to Vila Eduardo Fano square, where you will find historic buildings. Also take advantage of going to the Fishing Archive museum, tour the fishermen's neighbourhoods and visit the port.

If you fancy the beach, go to As Salseiras, ideal for surfing and other water sports. From there you can also take the maritime promenade and walk all over the coastline.

Parking services
Open all year, the parking offers the possibility of an overnight stay, in addition to connecting to the services of drinking water and emptying of grey and black waters and a pleasant picnic area.

Make a responsible use of the facilities, caring for environment and above all, enjoy!

How to get to Caión

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Technical information

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