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The golden house

The golden house

The Maison Dorée (1899), one of the major Art Nouveau buildings in Wallonia, takes its name from its “gilded” décor, particularly that of the imposing sgraffiti on the main façade.

The interior of the house retains many original features.
The main room is the dining room, which opens onto a conservatory. The stained glass in the doors and roof lights contains blue and orangered flowers with apple-green stems and leaves curling in decorative twists and spirals.

Listed as a historic building since 1993, the Maison Dorée was bought in 1999 by the city of Charleroi, which has established a ’house for the press in it.

Listed building (11-10-1993)


Technical information

Lat : 50.4109345Lng : 4.4476174
0 m
6 years