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The city hall of Charleroi

The city hall of Charleroi

The town hall at Charleroi, inaugurated in 1936, is an impressive classical building with geometric lines and an interplay of materials – red and black marble, bronze, brass, wrought iron – which add an Art Deco touch.

It contains several statues, intended to display the city’s dominance, prosperity and industrial heritage. The council chamber is the only room containing pictorial art, a seven-panelled work with seven corresponding stained-glass windows depicting the coats of arms of the subdivisions (cantons) of the administrative district of Charleroi.

The town hall is a masterpiece of civil architecture, and its belfry is included on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Building listed (09-09-2001)

Listed as an exceptional heritage site of Wallonia

Belfry registered on the World Heritage List (1999)

Technical information

Lat : 50.4115935Lng : 4.4441836999999
0 m
6 years