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99, route de la Plate Taille
6440 Boussu-lez-Walcourt
Beaumont & its Ramparts
Beaumont & its Ramparts
Beaumont & its Ramparts
Beaumont & its Ramparts
Beaumont & its Ramparts

Beaumont und seine Stadtmauer

Credit : UTOPIX, H.Lenaerts

At Beaumont, a Mediaeval town, Salamandre Tower, rising proudly above the small village bears witness to its rich past. Walk through the paved alleyways and climb the many steps to reach the top of the tower and discover the fantastic views over the valley of Hantes, the ramparts and listed buildings. The audioguided tour will recount testimonies of this local heritage with evidence that can still be seen today. The tour is in four languages (FR, NL, EN and DE), with an adult version and another guide that is more appealing to children. There are two options possible: an urban circuit of around 1.6km which takes 1 hour 30 mins, with an additional loop of 1 km along our ramparts. You can get the audioguides from the Beaumont Tourist Office.

Technical information

10 Grand Place
6500 Beaumont
Lat : 50.2369Lng : 4.23493
216 m
3 d

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Ganzjährig mit reservierung, von Montag bis Sonntag: von 8:30 bis 12:30 Uhr & von 13:30 bis 15:00 Uhr