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La Gombe quarry

The Gombe quarry was formerly exploited for the production of sandstone ashlars but is currently used as a diving centre by the Centre Liégeois...Read more

2 Chera de la Gombe 4130 Esneux
Lat : 50.5088Lng : 5.56603
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Université de Liège Nager non mais plonger oui ;) La carrière appartient au Club de plongée CLAS

2 ans

christelle.bernier Esneux

2 ans
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Kayak Club Les Remous

Come and kayak on the Ourthe, between Barvaux-Bomal-Hamoir and Comblain-au-Pont, in a friendly atmosphere. 1, 2 or 3-seat kayaks are available.

35 Rue de Xhignesse 4180 Hamoir
Lat : 50.430092Lng : 5.541338
123 m
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The Bütgenbach lakes

The Bütgenbach lake, created by the Warche dam, offers a wide range of sports and outdoor activities. Why not enjoy VENNtastic Beach on its banks?...Read more

Lat : 50.42492Lng : 6.220021
567 m
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The lake of Robertville

The lake of Robertville, in the commune of Waimes, will delight those looking for peace and relaxation. Wrapped beautifully by woodlands, it offers stunning...Read more

33 Route des Bains 4950 Waimes
Lat : 50.45014Lng : 6.117067
516 m
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Lake Gileppe Dam

Looking for a unique day out? Come and see the lake Gileppe dam, a masterpiece of structural engineering. Nature, sports, leisure: there is so much to...Read more

Lat : 50.589127Lng : 5.97448
303 m
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