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Place du Châtelet, 9
4960 Malmedy
"Take the Time" Rally

"Take the Time" Rally


This "Take the Time" Rally will allow you to discover the historical principality of Stavelot-Malmedy.

Here are a few tips:
• This 90 km long route features several detours. The route description provides the information you need to reduce or shorten the journey.
• This route often follows tiny country roads, so it is sometimes difficult to pass one another. Travelling at a leisurely pace provides an opportunity to admire the scenery and, above all, to travel in complete safety.
• Please be careful not to disturb the area's peaceful atmosphere.
• No petrol stations are available right along the route. When you arrive at
Trois-Ponts, you will find what you need 100 metres from the Clyde distillery.
• Take some time to go for a walk around the villages.

Discoveries galore along the way:
• Places of interest to see.
• Places of interest for tasting delicious food and regional produce.

You will be asked two questions about most of the sights:
• The answer to the first question can be found at the site itself, sometimes after drawing a few conclusions.
• The 2nd question usually requires more research (using the Internet).
• All questions can be printed by clicking the following link:

Ways of letting us know the answers:
• The easiest way to do this is to fill out the online form at the following address:
• Send us the questionnaire with the answers by post to the Royal Syndicat d'Initiative, Place du Chatelet 9, 4960 Malmedy.
• Scan the document and send it to the following e-mail address :

Opportunity to win:
1st prize: shopping vouchers for a value of € 150
2nd prize: shopping vouchers for a value of € 100
3rd prize: shopping vouchers for a value of € 75

• The villages of Haute-Bodeux and Chevron both offer a glimpse of the past.
• The peace and quiet of Bellevaux Brewery, the hospitality and top-quality produce.
• Les Doux Ragots restaurant in La Gleize for an exquisite dining experience full of surprises, the atmosphere and the view from the terrace.

203 km
5 h 50 mn
5 h
5 h
max. 0 m
min. 0 m
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Styles : BaladeDiscoveryRoadtrip
Public : Family
Themes : CulturalPatrimony

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Starting point

2 Préaix
4960 Malmedy
Lat : 50.41576Lng : 6.03179
358 d
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The Brasserie de Bellevaux


6 Bellevaux 4960 Malmedy
Lat : 50.391845Lng : 6.007505
image du poi

Gallows tree

What is the date the bronze plaque features to show when the Fox brothers were hanged? (French)
What is the date when the Xhignesse priest was murdered by the Renard brothers? (other languages)
Question 2:
What did the 3 Renard brothers do to earn a living?

6 Floriheid 4960 Malmedy
Lat : 50.415799Lng : 6.03128
n/a m
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Bellevaux Water Mill

Parking in the car park at Daniel's Rose Garden. Continue the route...Read more

Lat : 50.387946Lng : 6.008245
image du poi

Maraite House

View of a farm building with a merely ornamental corbel.
Question 3:
What dates does the pediment over the gateway feature to show when Maraite House was built?
Technical information

12 Bellevaux 4960 Malmedy
Lat : 50.390388Lng : 6.008019
n/a m
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Daniel's Rose Garden

Information about Daniel's Rose Garden. Website:

Lat : 50.387693Lng : 6.00862
image du poi

Bellevaux Brewery

Question 4:
What does the coat of arms on the label of the brewery's beer bottles represent? Where does it come from?

6 Bellevaux 4960 Malmedy
Lat : 50.391783Lng : 6.007419
n/a m
image du poi

Eddy Merckx Stele

It is located on Stockeu Hill, a steep 2,300-metre long hill with an average incline of 9.9%, which rises from Stavelot to the hamlet of Hénumont. It is found on the route of the mythical "Liège - Bastogne - Liège" race, the "Doyenne (Old Lady) of cycling races"!
Question 5:
How many times did Eddy Merckx win the "Liège-Bastogne-Liège" competition?
Question 6:
How much does the bronze embedded in the stone weigh?

1 Stockeu 4970 Stavelot
Lat : 50.383301Lng : 5.937231
n/a m
image du poi

Leroux Tower

A panoramic viewpoint with a breathtaking view of the region and the Salm Valley.
Park your car in the car park. Distance between the car park and the tower: 1800 meters there and back (24 minutes)
Question 7:
How many steps do you have to climb to the top of the tower?
Question 8:
What happened at the tower on 21 July 1944?

201 Noupré 4980 Trois-Ponts
Lat : 50.367399Lng : 5.878962
n/a m
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The Devil's Load

According to legend, this large sandstone rock was placed here by...Read more

Lat : 50.350404Lng : 5.919743
image du poi

Eglise Saint-Jacques (Church of St. James) at … Saint-Jacques

Well known to the pilgrims of Compostela, Saint "Jacobus" continues to display some magnificent remnants from the past.
Question 9:
One of the church walls has a plaque with a Roman numeral inscription: what does it mean in Arabic numerals?
Question 10:
What does Trois-Ponts have in common with Venice?

3 Saint-Jacques 4980 Trois-Ponts
Lat : 50.348363Lng : 5.860407
n/a m
image du poi

Haute-Bodeux village.

Pull over right after you pass the castle farm. A place to visit on foot, this small distinctive locality is concentrated around its impressive farm-castle: Godin Castle. The village's old centre is mainly composed of small farmhouses built of sandstone blocks, whose roofs are sometimes covered with slate, known locally as cherbins. Visit the little chapel (100 metres to the right of the farmhouse castle and if you are lucky, the person who sees to the upkeep of the chapel will tell you all about its history).
Question 11
When was the Haute-Bodeux Chapel consecrated?
Question 12
What are the people living in Haute-Bodeux called (2 possible answers)

19 Haute Bodeux 4983 Trois-Ponts
Lat : 50.359015Lng : 5.802584
n/a m
image du poi

Chevron village

Park in front of the church to visit this charming village on foot.
Question 13
What is special about Chevron cemetery located next to the church?
Question 14
What was the industrialist John Cockerill looking for around Chevron in the 19th century?

73 Chevron 4987 Stoumont
Lat : 50.381105Lng : 5.730593
n/a m
image du poi

La Gleize village

This village is located on a rocky spur overlooking the Amblève Valley. It was an important site during the Ardennes Offensive in December 1944.
Question 15
What is the nationality and name of the tank standing in the village square?
Question 16
Once the Battle of the Bulge was over, this tank was acquired from the Americans in exchange for what? (for which)

52 Rue de l'Eglise 4987 Stoumont
Lat : 50.4102Lng : 5.84591
n/a m
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Gaston Starck scenic point

After Leroux Tower, another view of the Salm Valley.

3 Parc de Saint-Jacques 4980 Trois-Ponts
Lat : 50.361924Lng : 5.865873
image du poi

Francorchamps village

Famous for its racing track, this village still retains some splendid old half-timbered buildings standing in contrast with its modern church.
Question 17
How many bells are there in the "bell tower" of the Church of St. Georges in Francorchamps?
Question 18
The famous Raidillon (the legendary corner at Francorchamps) is located in which municipality?

12 Rue Emile Goedert 4970 Stavelot
Lat : 50.454321Lng : 5.951017
n/a m
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Ice cream La ferme Dugailliez

Website: more

1 Bergeval 4980 Trois-Ponts
Lat : 50.354398Lng : 5.865482
image du poi

Bernister: Apollinaire monument

Along the old Thier de Liège, a monument has been erected in memory of the poet Guillaume Apollinaire who stayed in the region in 1899. He liked to walk in the Fens.
Question 19
In what year was this monument inaugurated?
Question 20
What was the name of Apollinaire's Stavelot muse?

Vieille Voie de Liège 4960 Malmedy
Lat : 50.431186Lng : 6.012483
n/a m
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Enjoyment for all your senses: Brasserie de la Lienne at Reharmont

Information about this micro-brewery in Reharmont Website:

7 Reharmont 4990 Lierneux
Lat : 50.340414Lng : 5.821649
image du poi

Bévercé: Hermitage

The history of this idyllic spot dates back to the 15th century. The present building seems to date from the 16th or 17th century.
It was always inhabited, with occasional interruptions, by hermits who sometimes came from far away.
Question 21
One of the statues represents a Saint who is the patron saint, among others, of butchers and pork butchers: what is the name of this saint?
Question 22
What order does the hermit at Malmedy's hermitage belong to?

Chemin de l'Ermitage 4960 Malmedy
Lat : 50.440917Lng : 6.024735
n/a m
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Feeling hungry: La Vieille Forge at Forge/Chevron

La Vieille Forge at Forge/Chevron Website:

54 La Lienne 4987 Stoumont
Lat : 50.375542Lng : 5.730894
image utilisateur

At the Stoumont village entrance you will see the "Congo" Lookout "

It provides a panoramic view of the Amblève Valley. Its name, Congo,...Read more

102 Route de l'Amblève 4987 Stoumont
Lat : 50.412582Lng : 5.799317
image du poi


How many keys are there in this jar in the Malmedy Malmundarium?

10 Place du Châtelet 4960 Malmedy
Lat : 50.427119Lng : 6.027374
n/a m
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Brasserie 44

Website: more

33 La Gleize 4987 Stoumont
Lat : 50.412429Lng : 5.846293
image utilisateur

Feeling hungry: Les Doux Ragots

Website: more

44 Roanne-Coo Grand-Route 4987 Stoumont
Lat : 50.411444Lng : 5.846851
image utilisateur

December 44 Museum

Website: more

52 Rue de l'Eglise 4987 Stoumont
Lat : 50.410145Lng : 5.846073
image utilisateur

Off route: (Former) Borgoumont Sanatorium

Built in the 1900s, the building has been left derelict for 10 years....Read more

Lat : 50.431589Lng : 5.857666
image utilisateur

Feeling hungry: La Ferme Libert

Website: more

31 Route de la Ferme Libert 4960 Malmedy
Lat : 50.446355Lng : 6.033179
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