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from Parc naturel régional des Grands Causses
The trumpet path

The trumpet path

This path provides amazing views over the Tournemire amphitheatre, the Larzac plateau and the village of Roquefort.From the railway station, head towards the tennis court.Walk across the Soulzon brook and turn to your right. Follow the marked trail, turn to the left after the Waste water treatment plant then to the right before the small house.50 m further on, leave the ascending path and carry on to the right towards Roquefort along the Bousquet farm. Walk through the woodland, then take a track on your left.Reach the D93 road, turn left and follow the road uphill for approximately 300 m.From this point, turn to your left towards Tournemire (from here the Ladder path can be joined by heading to the right towards Roquefort). Walk through a buissière (a path lined with box trees) and head your way down to the village of Tournemire. Once you reach the bottom take a right turn and retrace your way back to the railway station.

5.2 km
1 h 30 mn
max. 742 m
min. 489 m
302 m
-304 m

Altimetric profile

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Starting point

Lat : 43.9704772Lng : 3.0174079
255 d
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Tout le monde a son billet

La ligne de chemin de fer Tournemire-Le Vigan a été mise en service le 24 août 1896. Il fallait 2 heures pour effectuer le trajet, et c'est alors le seul moyen utilisé pour transporter les fromages de Roquefort. En 1897, le trafic représentait seulement 25 voyageurs/j et 15000 tonnes de marchandises/an.En 1922 le trafic atteint un point culminant avec 372 voyageurs par jour et 33000 tonnes de marchandises transportées au cours de l'année.On se souvient encore des trains, tractés par 2 machines à vapeur, qui transportaient aussi bien les "cabanières" (personnel féminin travaillant dans les caves de Roquefort), que le "migou" (fumier de brebis) destiné notament aux rizières de Camargue. A partir de 1920, le transport routier a supplanté le rail, et la ligne sera définitivement fermée le 15 mai 1939.Source : Le chemin de fer Le Vigan-Tournemire-Roquefort - ed° Cévennes Magazine

Lat : 43.9701Lng : 3.01143
n/a m

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Town Hall carpark in Tournemire


Town Hall carpark in Tournemire


The name of this hiking path refers to the nickname of a Roquefort bricklayer whose house stands close to the path. The story goes that his workmates offered him as a joke a small trumpet that he would playfully blow when the merry team was on the move. That’s how the path has been named since.


When driving from Saint-Affrique or from Millau, take the D999 up to the roundabout and follow the D23 towards Roquefort, then Tournemire for 6km.

Advised parking

Avenue Hippolyte Puech in Tournemire

Public transport

Travel by bus or train: : BlaBlaCar, Rézo Pouce, Mobicoop, Idvroom, LaRoueVerte, Roulez malin


Box tree moths are active from May to October. During the caterpillar phase, they feed on the leaves of box trees. They crawl down trees and move on long silken threads, although these threads are annoying when hiking they do not pose any health risk.

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